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Our technology is growing fast and furious, but with technology advancement comes several problems, too. Most, if not all, of these problems will most likely continue to rise along with our steadfastly growing technology. There's no way we can resolve some of them either.

This wikia is basically all about addressing these problems. So, let's get started and talk about some future tech issues, shall we?

What is our topic about specifically?Edit

This topic is a little complicated and confusing, especially since we're talking about the future. No one can really tell what the future is going to be like so how can we protect it from destruction? Well first things first, we have to make changes now, we have to think thoroughly through our actions and ask ourselves, will this end up killing mine or my family's future? Since our main topic is about artificial intelligence and technology in the future, we won't go into depth about pollution or litter. But either way, there are issues about what we are doing to ourselves and our future so we need to do the best we can to save it.

A lot of things have come up about technology and it's advancement, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and even printing pizza. Yes, I said it, printing pizza, but these wonders of technology come with a price. At the rate we are producing our tools and the equipment needed to create our phones, computers and tablets(not to mention creating the products themselves) we are creating pollution which is slowly killing our planet as we speak. Although we are a bit more concerned with artificial intelligence than the pollution creating a whole in our ozone layer. Human kind has already created artificial intelligence in Japan that has the ability to play chess. If we have the ability to create it, we have the ability to further advance it. Which means there is a chance that this artificial intelligence can become smarter than us and even have a conscience. Having a conscience has proven to be a problem for a lot of people including criminals, so if we create something that is smarter, stronger, faster and has the ability to survive more than a human, artificial intelligence with a conscience can be the ultimate destruction of man-kind. A lot of movies have come out where robots were created in secret labs and they riot against man-kind, killing us off completely. But have you ever thought that this vision isn't far from our actual reality and where we stand with our technology advancement? It may be 20 years or 500 years from now, but our very own technology could over power us and we could end up with the short end of the stick. Another issue that could impact our future by the way we are currently living, is pollution from the factories and waste we create in the process of making and advancing our technology. We could release so much are pollution into the atmosphere that the ozone layer completely disappears. There is already a hole in the ozone layer just above Antarctica allowing harmful UV rays cast by the sun into our atmosphere.

So, in conclusion... Edit

Whether the technology advances more than we could imagine, or the planet takes control once again and rejuvenates itself, the future holds a lot of challenges for us. We might see some of these problems when we are all elderly, or when our great grandchildren are elderly, but this still doesn't hide the fact that we started something and karma will get us back when we least expect it.

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"By the time the robots can dance more like humans, we have already changed the way we dance to be more like robots."